Friday, 7 November 2014


Hear me when I say...Calcata/Santa Maria 2014

I was very happy and grateful, when Allegra asked me, if I could make a paper dress for her new music video. I agreed without hesitation! :)
'Great idea! - I can be making PAPER & UPCYCLED MATERIAL DRESSES for THE MUSICIANS!'  
and so, here it is...'Hear me when I say' by Allegra Lusini Watch video

About the artist - Allegra Lusini:

'' There is a voice inside of me like a breath of's an ancient voice that comes from the unseen world...I have a gift and I prefer to follow it...''

Allegra has recorded 7 albums (Al di là del bene a del male, Su ciò che ero, Pagana, Noir, Amoreopatica, Synthetiko, The deep side of Synthetiko, and a single TWO FACES.

She is an artistic director of the record label AMARCORD, and she has her own graphic and video production company, called ARGELLA PRODUCTION.



copyrights @ photos & dress Ania Gastol

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